Several of the IF blogs I follow have posts about how plans have gone awry.  I guess its my turn for the hiccup.  You would think with all the medical advancements, all the drugs we infertiles take, the weekly appointments, the temping, the charting,the testing- our bodies should be under control..medically speaking.  But no- hiccups happen.  Best laid plans…HA! 

I’m on CD11- scheduled for U/S tomorrow am to see how the follies are doing and to schedule our IUI (again)   This afternoon I tested for LH surge- just to check- really expected nothing- its only CD11.  I don’t usually have surge till CD12.  But not this cycle- big fat smiley face staring up at me.  Whats the big deal?  Well, its Sunday!!  In the afternoon!!  No one is in the office at this hour and no # to call on the voicemail.
I leave messages on both#s and email my RE…but will he check it?  PANIC!!  We don’t have any of necessary items needed at home for collection. (DH does not do well at the office)  Should my husband give me the trigger shot?  Do I take the last dose of menopur?  PANIC!!  I text a friend who sees the same RE and she advised to call the hospital and ask for whoever is on call for his department. Smart woman!  Panic would not have let me figure that out.  I do..they take message..his partner calls me within 30mins.  I’m a little annoyed that I have to go thru details- shouldn’t she know who I am? Didn’t she look up my info before calling? Yes, I’m a wee self involved at the moment.  All I can see is all the money we spent, yet again, being flushed away because my body isn’t working on the right calendar.  She tells me not to do trigger shot, yes to the menopur.  Call in the morning to set up appointment in the main office- they will do an U/S first to measure the follies, then IUI will be after.  My poor DH is going to have to do “the deed” at the office (main office is a good 40min drive and we don’t have the overnight solution that has been so helpful in the past) PANIC!!  She says I can go in the room with him- whatever he needs to be comfortable..um…joy? 

I won’t know till tomorrow- after I’m at work- as to what time this will occur.  Some articles I’ve read say IUI should be at least 22 hours after the surge(so that would be 1pm for me)..so what if they schedule it for the morning? Will that be too soon? PANIC!!  Now I wonder if my previous ones have been poorly timed.  One U/S a few months ago, he scheduled the IUI for a few days after- would have been CD16. I mentioned that may be too late- I always, always have lh surge cd12/13.. he advised me to monitor and call if something changed before procedure. Sure enough…hello LH.  I called, he set up IUI for the next day.  But that time he said TO take the trigger shot. ????? 

I hate hiccups..as a baby I got them very easily and it took hours for them to go away.  My mom would ask people to please not make the baby laugh.  I guess I shouldn’t have laughed today!!

ps- Thank you Unconcievably Blessed for helping me!!

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